Add your Cino card to Apple Pay 🎉

Pay in an easy and secure way!

Effortless: Your Cino card is always at hand on your iPhone or Apple Watch. It takes a minute to set up and pay in stores and online

Contactless: Pay wherever contactless payments are available.Your card's contactless payment limits apply

Each payment transaction is confirmed using Face ID or Touch ID. Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and a unique transaction code. So your card details are never stored on your device and Apple Pay doesn't share them with merchants

How to add your card to Apple Wallet?

To use your Apple Pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch simply add your Cino card to Apple Wallet on each device you'd like to use it with.

You can add your card to your iPhone through Apple Wallet. Tap and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can add your card to your Apple Watch through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

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