How to make managing money with roommates suck less… from an expert

April 11, 2022

👊 Having roommates makes your $$ spending go down by a lot 📉 

👎 But adds a whole amount of boring chores to your list… 

👍There is a way to make this way simpler ✌️

We care about your 🧻

After a long day of attending classes, work, or binge-scrolling through TikTok, we get it… you (nor I) have the mental energy to think about asking your roommate to pay you back for the last roll of toilet paper you bought to wipe your a**es with. Nor do you want to go through the pains of figuring out how much you’ve spent this month on shared household items… going through receipts, invoices and bank statements makes you 🤮 when all you want to do is just be left in peace to watch Euphoria.

And yet at 3 am you are awake thinking about your bank statement, not recalling seeing a transfer from your roommate this month, and remembering that you actually forgot to include the roll of toilet paper you bought to the list of shared expenses 👁️👄👁.

You are not alone.

Millions of people find the whole process of shared expenses cumbersome, annoying, a hassle and something that no human being should be wasting their time on. It usually starts with good intentions of establishing financial rules & expectations with your roommate(s), put one in charge of paying certain bills, creating a publicly shared list of expenses like on an excel sheet or Splitwise, and transfer money to each other immediately - so that no one has to awkwardly chase each other. However, it goes out of the window like literally the next day as life hits you both and it becomes totally frustrating to manage expenses with your roommate(s)... which leads you to sometimes skipping tracking a couple of expenses here and there or not following up at all on that €20 you have not received back.

But these seemingly insignificant expenses globally add up to 5,000,000,000 euros each day! Yep you counted the zeros right its BILLIONS. People reimburse each other around 100 million times daily and around 30% do not even get their money back 🙂

So what can you do about it…

I could tell you a way to manage this but I’m too lazy so I’ll just tell you how to fix it.

There is a free app called Lama 🌚 that automates the end to end of managing money, ALL OF IT. Yes - the whole process from paying, to tracking to splitting 🔥. So you don’t have to do sh*t - except of inviting your broke a*s roommate to it.

How it works is that you create a group on the app - exactly the same as you do on WhatsApp - and a shared virtual card will be generated for the two of you. Whenever you pay with it from your Apple Wallet/Google Pay - let’s say your rent - the card will split the rent equally between you and your roommate’s bank account instantly, and will automatically track the transaction for you. You can set specific ratios if you’d need for all of your transactions or change the ratio per transaction even after payment has occurred (let’s say you ate more croissants at Starbucks that morning or if you have a bigger room and are paying more rent than your roommate).  

And you can create as many groups as you want - with friends, colleagues, or a partner (if you are lucky to have one  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and it's completely free.

First come first serve

Lama is opening beta soon so sign-up on the waiting list to be the first to get access (first come first serve basis).

And you're welcome. Now that I’ve done a good deed I’ll go hop back to being productive on Call of Duty…

✌️Anonymous Lama


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