Meet the Amsterdam tastemaker elevating dates with Cino 💅

May 12, 2023

The beauty of Cino (if we do say so ourselves) is that the app allows you to enjoy special moments with your partner without worrying about who pays the bill at the end of it all.

South African born, adopted Amsterdammer and tastemaker, Zoe Jancou runs the list – a curated, ever-growing guide to the best spots to dine, drink and shop in the Dutch capital.

From waterside Sichuan eateries to trendy natural wine bars and bakeries, Zoe's list has amassed over 3000 followers and counting.

Often heading out with her boyfriend (and dog Chako) to sample the delights of Amsterdam’s culinary scene, Zoe keeps things fair by using  to pay & split. We spoke to Zoe earlier this month to find out how she gets the most out of Cino in both her day to day adventures, and on those more special occasions.

Hey Zoe! We'll get straight to it. How do you get the most out of Cino?

Sometimes dinner will be my treat, or vice versa, but if we’re grabbing a midweek coffee, pastry or lunch out, it’s good to pay with the Cino app so that we stay on top of things. The same goes for our groceries.

We've connected both of our existing accounts so that we never have to top up or track, which was always a headache before as we're terrible at remembering to do it there and then.

Pro tip: Cino allows up to 4 users to create a shared virtual card, which connects to each user’s existing debit card. When one member pays with Cino, the cost is automatically split between everyone in the group.

How has Cino made life easier?

My boyfriend and I were pretty useless at keeping track of who had paid for what, which used to cause stress for the both of us.

Now, we just use Cino to tap and split straight away, so we can enjoy the rest of the time we spend together without fretting about costs, or one of us having to remember to send a payment request.

Another thing is that there's a culture of setting up a tab in the Netherlands, which means each person in the group has to work out exactly what they had to drink or eat and pay individually. With Cino, you can pay in one go and forget about it. It makes everything much more straightforward that way.

Any insider tips on Spring/Summer dating in Amsterdam?

My top recommendation for a day in Amsterdam this summer would be to grab a bottle of delicious wine from Chenin or Wijnwinkel, a sandwich from ZeroZero and head to the canal. If you're brave, maybe even pack your swimming costume.

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