How to Ask Someone to Split the Bill

December 13, 2023

How to Ask Someone to Split the Bill

Dining out with friends or going on a first date can be a delightful experience, but when the bill arrives, the question of how to split it can bring a moment of uncertainty. Fear not, for we, the team behind Cino, have some creative approaches to make bill-splitting a fun and engaging conversation. In this blog post, we will empower you with the know-how to master the art of bill-splitting in various situations, using Cino as your ultimate solution for seamless shared payments.

1. Bill-Splitting on Different Occasions

a. First Date:

When it comes to bill-splitting on a first date, tact and finesse are essential. Instead of outright asking before ordering, consider ordering drinks before the main course. During this moment, genuinely engage in a conversation about how the other person feels about splitting the bill. By being curious about their perspective, you create an open and comfortable atmosphere. We’re aware that this isn’t a sexy topic for a romantic date, but neither is a lack of clear communication. Our advice is to also be aware of your own financial expectations.

Ask yourself this: how flexible are you when it comes to first dates and splitting the bill?

- Fun Tip: If you're unsure of your preference, let their answer be the guiding factor. This exercise can turn into a fun conversation, where you share past awkward moments related to bill-splitting. By being vulnerable and relatable, you both create a stronger connection, making the decision less awkward.

- Suggested Approach: "What do you think about splitting the bill? I'm open to it and believe it can make things easier and more relaxed."

If your date runs away with shock and horror, perhaps it’s not meant to be.

b. Dinner with Friends:

Eating with friends should be fun, not stressful! Yet, we all have that one friend who has been free riding every outing since 2016. The next time you’re planning a dinner with your friends, why not suggest using Cino to split the bill in advance? Instead of bringing it up at the table while the waiter is waiting for someone to pull up a card, text the group chat before the outing. This allows everyone to download the app, add their bank information, and be prepared for a hassle-free bill-splitting experience.

- You can keep it lightweight and funny by saying something like: "Hey, if we’re all in for going Dutch at tonight’s dinner, let's use Cino to split the bill. It's easy to use and will ensure a fair split for everyone. Let's give it a try!"

c. Lunch with Colleagues:

Splitting a bill with colleagues can feel a bit formal, but with Cino, it doesn't have to be. Be considerate and suggest, "Why don't we split the bill equally? Cino makes it super easy, and no one gets overwhelmed with calculations."

2. General Tips for Splitting the Bill

a. Communicate Clearly: Avoid any awkwardness by openly discussing the payment arrangement before ordering. Whether you're with friends, colleagues, or on a date, clear communication is essential. Express your preference to split the bill and ensure everyone is on the same page.

b. Introduce Cino as Your Smart Solution: At Cino, our team’s mission is to simplify your bill-splitting and expense organization process by replacing the need for multiple apps, bank accounts, and that one friend who’s a walking calculator with our all-in-one solution. If you are introducing it over the web, you can even share the how to use Cino: step by step guide in our blog.

3. Cino: Your Bill-Splitting Ally

Cino isn't just a bill-splitting app; it's your ultimate ally for seamless shared payments. Here's why Cino stands out:

a. Effortless Splitting: We designed Cino in a way to ensure that anyone can navigate the app with ease. No more complex calculations or awkward moments; Cino handles it all for you.

b. Tailored to Every Scenario: Whether you're out with friends, roommates, or on a date, whether you want to split exact amounts, pay a larger chunk, or go 50/50, Cino adapts to various scenarios. Splitting household expenses, outings, or even utility bills is a breeze.

c. Cancels the Need for Multiple Apps: Cino shortcuts the need for apps like Splitwise or Revolut. You organize expenses, split bills, pay through your linked bank account all in one click.

With these creative approaches to bill-splitting and the assistance of Cino, you can navigate any situation with confidence and ease. Remember, communication is key, whether you're on a first date or dining with friends. Engaging in genuine conversations about splitting the bill fosters a stronger connection and makes the experience more enjoyable. So, the next time you're out, be it with friends or on a date, embrace the art of bill-splitting, and let Cino be your reliable companion for seamless shared payments.

For our new and frequent blog-readers, share your thoughts with us! How would you ask someone to split the bill? Does it get less or more awkward if it’s someone you know well? Would you ask your boss to split the bill? Send your answers at

Happy dining and happy splitting!

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