What is Cino and why it’s the best splitting app of 2023

February 24, 2023

What is Cino and why it’s the best splitting app of 2023

Nowadays, everything’s digital. We pay with our phones - half of us don't even carry cards these days, since we can pay for things just by hovering our phone over the pin machine. But why is splitting the bill still such a headache?

Well, remember the good old days when we used to pay with cash, and splitting the bill was a breeze? Those days are long gone. With the rise of technology, we’ve stopped using cash, while banks and apps have been building products focusing on the individual rather than the concept of paying together. This has resulted in a market flooded with single-player apps, which has made fronting and requesting money the norm.

Luckily, Cino has changed the game. With the app, you can finally go back to the days when splitting the bill was easy and stress-free. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of multiple payment requests and awkward money conversations. The app replaces them all - Excel Sheets, Splitwise, Paypal, Bank transfers, & Tikkie!

In today’s article, we will touch upon:

  • What is Cino?
  • Why is it the best splitting app?

What is Cino?

Simple: a virtual card that splits bills for you. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is that good. But it’s true. With Cino, you don’t have to do anything before or after the payment occurs.

Tap to Pay & Split

All you have to do is:

  1. create a group 
  2. set a ratio
  3. pay with the group’s virtual card 

Cino does the rest and splits the bill instantly among all parties involved: partner, friends, roommates (or whoever keeps you company - we don't judge). You link a single bank account to create multiple different virtual cards, one for each group. Not to mention it auto-tracks all your expenses for you. 

Cino app is easy to use and it auto-tracks all your expenses.

And - you’re in control. Within the app, you can change the split ratio anytime (even for one-time payments), and you can even set a limit! 

Change split ratio or change group limit

Why is it the best splitting app?

Apart from being the only app that allows you to tap & split, it also:

  1. doesn’t require you to do anything before or after the payment: no top-ups or money requests needed
  2. you don’t have to belong to the same bank as your friends/roommates/partner
  3. eliminates any manual work: no more cataloging each expense or keeping evidence of payments
  4. saves from the awkward conversations

Need we say more? Get early access and stop letting money come between you and the moments that matter! Don’t remember the stress, the money, or the uneasiness. Instead, remember the food, the jokes, and the laughter.

By yours truly,

Raluca Groza

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