Pay together,
so no one
owes you
ever again
One app to REPLACE them all:
Splitwise, Paypal, TIKKIE, Excel Sheets..
Certified partners
Certified partners
A shared card
that splits bills
for you
Use it online or irl, for one-off or recurring expenses.
Made for
No need to top up
Connect to your
existing bank account
Charges only your share
Cino was created
for you to quit:
To put you back in control
Here's how it works
your bank account or debit card in seconds
groups and choose your split ratio
your shared card to Google or Apple Pay. Each group member gets a card
with any group member's card and instantly split

People are loving Cino

Such a time saver ❤️ Tap & forget about it 🤩
The amount of anxiety this app saves me... 🙃
Free for the
first 10K Cinos
Splitting bills made easy

Choose your

Change how payment is split,
before or after payment

Track your

Get eyes on every transaction,
including who paid and how much

Set your

Decide how much you'll get
charged, anytime

One-off cards
or permanent

Create a card for one night out or
for your recurring expenses

What is a shared virtual card?

A shared virtual card works just like a regular card, with two caveats. First, as the name suggests, it’s totally virtual. Meaning it is exclusively available through digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay, or for online payments. Second, it’s connected to more than bank account (or person!). Don’t fret, the card can only be shared with people within the private group, who actively connects their bank account – meaning all transactions remain private and safe.

Once a virtual card is created, group members choose their auto-split ratio (what fraction of each transaction is paid by each member). From there, each transaction is auto-split amongst the group members per the ratio they agreed on.

What is a ratio split?

The amount that each member on the card chooses to pay for each transaction. So if you have a 50/50 ratio split with your friend over lunch, you will each be charged 50% of the bill. And if you have a 40/60 ratio split with your roommate, you will be charged 40% of the transaction, and they will be charged 60% of the transaction.

With Cino, each member decides what the ratio split is and can change it anytime.

Do I need to pre-load money onto the card?

No – a Cino virtual card is connected to your existing bank account. That’s the beauty of it! When you use your Cino virtual card to pay for a bill, it auto-splits the total payment and only withdraws a fraction of the total bill based on your chosen ratio split.

How much does it cost?

Free forever... if you amongst the early users at least :)

Do my friends have access to my bank account?

No – that’s super private stuff that we keep under locks. No one can see the balance on your account - not even us. Purchases from your bank account can only be made within the ratio splits and limits you set.

Can I set limits for the card?

Yes – you can set limits for each transaction or decide on a monthly limit.

We’re already working on setting limits for the type of transactions, coming soon.

Where does the card work?

Anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards – a delicious Italian restaurant, a last minute flight to a beach or your monthly WiFi bill.
Cino app is available for residents of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Iceland at this moment.

We might expand soon

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Cino VISA debit cards are issued by our partner Wallester AS, a financial institution and a VISA Principal Member

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